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Last Update: Monday September 27, 2021

This Shifting Paradigm Changes Our Perception Of Everything

Chart:  Planck Time & Planck Length

There are just over 200 notations. To date only the simple math is displayed at this time.  The charts are so long, they have been divided into three sections based on the Planck Length: The Small Scale Universe, the Human Scale Universe, and the Large Scale Universe.

The Universe View:   The Next Big Thing

Articles that will always be in process:
• Beginnings: Did a Quiet Expansion precede a Big Bang?
• Ethics-Morals-Values: Is there an inherent Goodness
   within Science, Business, and Religion?

• Finite or Infinite: Is That The Question?   Part II
• Order in the Universe: The story
• Planck: Length-Time Chart     All Five Basic Units Chart
• Simplicity: Everything Starts Most Simply...    
• Space Entrepreneurs
• Tiling and Tessellating the Universe
• Who, What, When, Where and Why:
  What's happening here?

•    Overview and Timeline
•    Summary with references

A Quick Tour of the Universe

A short introduction
#1: The Planck Length  
#2: The Range or Scale of the Universe
#3: Just by the width of a hair
#4: Discover your child within
#5: From caveats to mea cuplas
#6: Water, water everywhere 
#7: Transition to the Human Scale
#8: An Unknown Section of the Universe 
#9: Possible Transition to the Large Scale Universe
#10: The Observable Universe

First two charts from this research

Big Board - little universe, An Ongoing Work

Universe Table, An Ongoing Work

An Integrated UniverseView: Beyond the WorldWideWeb & Worldviews

1.  The Universe is finite.   That's huge.  It has measurable smallest units for space and time. It has measurable units for the largest dimensions of space and time, the Observable Universe and the Age of the Universe, respectively.  More... 

2.  The Universe has an ethical bias. Yes, it does! That may be hard to believe, but it is true.  And, the theological among us have some very real work to do.   Theology is informed by science and science is informed by theology.  When they disagree, one of them is wrong.  Those within radical Islam have much to learn from Allah (the Arabic word for "God") and how science tells us so much about the Creator of all things.

3.  The Universe is smaller and more ordered than we think. In 201+ steps, you go from the smallest measurement to the very largest. Initially it sounded ridiculous and it seemed inconceivable.  Yet over time, it sinks in.

4.   The Universe is more connected than we think.   In fact, everything is related to everything, all within 201+ steps!  Seems impossible; it's not.

5.  The Universe gets structure from space-and-time, but not its essence.  The structures go back to basic geometries that have become exquisitely complex (Also, see the reference just above). The essence of that structure comes from the Infinite through our constants and universals which appear to be best engaged through the Planck Units.

We Can All Strive For A Higher Perfection, A Better Way

To our guests, our extended Small Business School family, and to all our first-time contacts, especially among editors and writers:

First, this Universe View is related to everything, everybody, every behavior and every thought. Some of the work actually began way back in the early 1970s.  Some of it came into focus with our old  television series from 1994 to 2012.  We all share the same first principles (linked from here). For us personally, it was a direct reflection of our faith and our belief that faith and science must cohere or one of them is wrong.

Second, we used those first principles in all that we have done. That's how one knows the first principles work. Yet, eventually, those first principles inform in new ways.   It is not automatic.  It takes time.  But, there is always a next step. We can always improve on the initial conditions. That is the reason for this page.

Third, we all need to extend our principles globally, then extend them throughout the universe. That drove our work on the Big Board-little universe back in December 2011.  We can also now see how such principles just might become the core of a new small business revolution.

Now, with all these references, we now say, "Let's get focused; there are great things to do to get us all on track for a brilliant future."