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Last Update: Monday September 27, 2021

Innovation & Invention: Keys to the Future

Find Solutions To Problems

2:15 | Play Now | Meet a very wise man, Michael Novak. He says that capitalism rewards visionaries.

Washington, DC and around the world: Let us go where commercial television doesn't go and even PBS is reluctant. Let's look at our core belief systems and see how these shape our business thinking and behavior.

What drives people to challenge the status quo? go out into the unknown? try to create things that have never been seen before? Why do these people work so hard and stretch so far? Everybody talks about them, saying things like, "Crazy!" "They'll kill themselves."  "They're in a world of their own."  Yet, these daring people, driven by principles and dreams, are changing our world for the better.

Michael Novak is a reflective person. For his writings about the foundations of faith he received the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion (always larger than the Nobel Prize). So trusted among leaders, he was twice appointed U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission.

Today he lives near all the world's ambassadors to the USA, all people seeking to get some advantage for their people. Yet, the biggest advantage any country could give her people is the power to unleash their unique, deep-seated creativity.

Through his prodigious research Novak realized there are very particular historic roots within the USA, unique orientations to universal belief within this Judeo-Christian culture, that gave rise to the rapid growth of the sciences and of democratic capitalism in this country.

Novak would like to see this innovative spirit take root throughout the world.

Today, with the ubiquity of communications, small business formation is better understood and much of the global community is finding their own unique ways to stimulate small business start-ups and even capital formation. 

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Strive for Perfection

1:58 | Play Now | Henry Chin told us that Ziba Design  is good at what they do because they all strive for perfection. They push themselves and the company.  Go deeper...

Tap Into The Universal Power

3:29 | Play Now  Michael Novak talks about why he says that the Judeo-Christian belief systems in America  gave rise to rapid scientific and business breakthroughs. 

Find Courage to Act

2:26 | Play Now Ken Duncan knew he could work for others and have a steady stream of business but his assignments would not be the ones he could get excited about.   Go deeper...

See Failure as a Normal Occurrence

1:00 | Play Now | This is a rubber part made of recycled materials.   It was invented in the laboratory at Diversified Chemical Technologies in Detroit, Michigan. Go deeper...

Alleviate Pain And Suffering

0:59 | Play Now | Bob Sakata is  old enough to remember doing all of the farm jobs by hand. The work was back-breaking so he set out to lighten the load for all the workers. 

Give A few of Your Ideas Away

1:34 | Play Now | Give some of your ideas away to those who will extend them.  Go deeper...

Perfect Processes Incrementally

0:36 | Play Now |
Innovation rarely happens with an explosion of an idea.  Typically it comes out of many tiny steps.

Protect Your Best Ideas

1:52 | Play Now | Before patent, trademark and copyright laws were put in place, the primary source of wealth was land. More than 5 million patents have been issued in the United Sates since the first patent law of 1790. The system is working.

Think Of Your Mind As A Mine

1:42 | Play Now |  Hattie Bryant reminds us that it was Abraham Lincoln who called for the establishment of the US patent office.

Form Your Own Think Tank

2:24 | Play Now | Todd Dickinson is a former US commissioner of patents and trademarks.  He explains that Americans benefit from an organized system that protects inventors.


Invent New Services

3:56 | Play Now | Companies that have plenty of happy customers increase profits by offering new services often requested by the customers themselves.

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