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Last Update: Monday September 27, 2021

Reality Check for those thinking about Starting a Business


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You have unlimited time to walk yourself through the ten chapters.  Each contains five lessons. Each lesson is presented through a 1-4 minute video accompanied by the transcript of the video, a study guide and questions that will prompt you to think about how you can use the lesson in your business.


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You get the results of people's honest insights about starting, running and growing a business. You get all these stories... and you don't even have to buy a textbook!

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They've been over the hot coals. They have had real experiences.

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Here is an opportunity to learn from people who have done it, and they are doing it today!

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"Yes, I Want to Start My Business!"  If so, you'll be joining the revolution that has made the USA the most successful economy in the world. 

But let us warn you, it will be the toughest job of your life.

Yet, starting a business is in the very fabric of the country.  It is for those who choose to take the risk to pursue their dreams.  It takes some soul-searching and honest assessment of your goals, values, leadership skills, interests and  support.  

This reality check allows you to step into the shoes of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.  They are loved in their community and respected in their industry.  Learn from the best and then apply all that to turn your dreams into realities. 

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Learn right at your desktop. It’s self-paced, engaging and fun.
With each segment you will:
  •   View a 1-4 minute video that is about making decisions.
  •   Access the video / transcript. Follow along. Return any time.
  •   Test your understanding of the topic. How does it applies to
      you? ...your business?  The study guide asks probing questions
       to get you thinking deeply about that business.
  •   You can start and stop whenever you want to think about the
      ideas, or go back to catch something you may have missed.

Are you ready to meet 50 business owners to help guide you to Start Your Business?

Starting A Business

Chapter 1: Understand Yourself

Chapter 2: Understand Your History

Chapter 3: Understand Your Values

Chapter 4: Evaluate Your Leadership Abilities

Chapter 5: Evaluate Your Skills

Chapter 6: Engage Your Family

Chapter 7: Find and Cultivate Mentors

Chapter 8: Minimize Financial Risk

Chapter 9: Find the Category That's Right for You

Chapter 10: Find the Right Idea in the Right Category