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Last Update: Monday September 27, 2021

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First step, register...

The registration is free. Everything is free.  It wasn't always this way.   To open the gates further requires some thought.:

1.  Register Everyone in Your Business:  Once you do, you can open collaboration events with them at any time from anywhere. 

2.  The Daily Video Clip Player on Your Website:  With a simple email request, you put the daily video on your website.   In that way, every employee can study that video without leaving your website. 

This is a special offer that is being tested and may be withdrawn at anytime.  

To use the second option:  When you have registered, simply send a note to Small Business School and advise us that you would like to exercise this option and have your own video clip player for your website. 

That's easy to do.  Just click here or send that email to camber (at) or just call him at  214-801-8521. 

Just starting...

If you are just starting, and you having trouble getting to the course, first be sure to log in with your registration credentials. Once logged in, on the homepage, click on MY LIBRARY AND COURSES (just below the logo).  If the course is not listed on that page, please email or call Small Business School and request that access.   Send that email to camber (at) or call him at  214-801-8521.



Members can find insights and  ideas by subject...

Finance, Management, Technology, Family Business, Cash Flow, Human Resources, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Motivation, Process, Product Development, Buying a Business, Selling a Business and Strategy.

Members can find insights and ideas by industry...

Service, Manufacturing, Retail, Food Processing, Construction, Energy, Wholesale, Tourism and more.

Members can find insights and ideas by questions...

How do I measure success? Why are processes so critical to growth? How do I manage with little cash? How do I keep customers coming back? And many more.

The video library is a metaphor about you and your business.

This video library comes directly from hundreds of interviews of business owners who are respected in their industry for their leadership and integrity.  They are loved in their community for their generosity, fairness and ethics.   Each video clip is a discussion about the meaning and value of life and business.  Use this video library of more than 2,000 clips as a metaphor for your own dreams, aspirations, ideas and insights. Each question that generated each answer is a question you can answer yourself.  You can write your own transcript and study guide.

Read Less, Learn More

Our library consists of “the best of the best” content from our TV show and business textbook curriculum. The “teachers” for each course are experts in their field, successful business people talking from their hard-won experience at growing their own business--all delivered right to your desktop via short video clips. This is self-paced learning so feel free to start and stop whenever you want to think about the ideas, or go back to catch something you may have missed.

When you sign up...

  1. Your business becomes part of the school.  Everyone in your business can have one year to access  all of the video tips in the entire library which can be searched by a question,  topic and  industry. Each lesson is presented through a 1-4 minute video accompanied by the transcript of the video, a study guide and questions that will prompts one to think about how each lesson can be used in your business.

  2. Opt-in to have the video clip player on your website.  It is embedded code, very similar to YouTube's embed code,  every day there is a new video on your business website!

  3. Opt into any number of programs to expand your business globally.

  4. Opt into programs to develop an exit strategy to maximize your ability to extract your equity out the business while transitioning the management of your business to the next generation. These programs are entirely through some of the top-level top Executive MBA programs in the USA.



Yes, you are welcome to come in and be our guest.  At any time you can request that upgrade to free membership..

Why should any of us reinvent the wheel? Use this site for staff development, for your business planning, and for inspiration and insight.