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Your Moral Fiber Effects Your Nation, Our World & Universe

Lying Destroys Deep Creativity So Always Cultivate The Truth.  Lying is all about "Me." The truth opens possibilities;  it's about "We." Those who seek truth, it's about the "Thee."  People in this TV series seek the truth and then the deeper truths. We all can.

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These business owners are problem solvers. Study best business practices.

1.  Share your best insights and ideas. Help cultivate that special genius.
2.  What is your best idea? Perhaps this video could help you cultivate a few.
3.  If you have a few too many ideas, give some away.

We can each find a way to improve this world and make a very good living. That is the very nature of business. There are literally millions of people who are doing it. Most are ethical and generous. They're the givers, not the takers.

Every Chamber of Commerce and National Trade & Industry Association:
Search for best business practices.
Let's empower the next generation. More...

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It is all free. This television show has a simple starting point, a vision within foundations of integrity. Meet an owner of a business selected by local business advocates. All episodes aired on PBS-TV stations and the Voice of America-TV

Each video is a focus on the meaning and value of life. Teach the foundations of democracy, capitalism and freedom and  the rule of law. Help refocus your nation and our world.

Dance all the way to the end. Follow Hattie! (new window). Hattie's new book (2016)  is I'll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End of Life Decisions.

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...from Hattie Bryant, author and speaker.

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