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Strive for Perfection

1:58 | Play Now | Henry Chin told us that Ziba Design is good at what they do because they all strive for perfection. They push themselves and the company.   More...  The concept...
Michael Novak

Tap Into The Universal Power

3:29 | Play Now  Michael Novak talks about why he says that the Judeo-Christian belief systems in America gave rise to rapid scientific and business breakthroughs.    More...   How...

Find Courage to Act

2:26 | Play Now Ken Duncan could work for others and have a steady stream of business but his assignments would not be the ones about which he could get excited.  More...

See Failure as a Normal Occurrence

1:00 | Play Now | These rubber auto parts are made with recycled materials -- invented in the laboratory at Diversified Chemical Technologies in Detroit, Michigan.   Another view...

Think Of Your Mind As A Mine

1:42 | Play Now |  Abraham Lincoln called for the establishment of the US patent office.  This is still the real revolution of our time -- Intellectual property!  More...  And...

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