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Excellence And Diversity, The Essence of Life & Business

In the USA the ratio of businesses to population ranges from 1:10 to 1:15.  In Greece it is about 1:135.  In Ireland 1:34. The number of small businesses is an indication of the economic health of a nation. Small business pulls out the best within people.

There are eight steps to start-run-grow-harvest a business.

GliddeOysters Step 1Be willing to serve   (NYT pics)
Key Question: How do I stand out in the crowd?
Meet Barbara Scully, Damariscotta  More...

Step 2Knock on Doors
Key Question: How do I get my first sale?
Meet Ken Duncan in Sydney   More...
Trailblazer Fruit Step 3Do what you love to do
Key Question: How do I make it through the hard times?
Visit Trailblazer Foods in Portland, Oregon   More..

Step 4:   Refine a trend
Key Question: How do I spot an opportunity?
Meet the owners of Wahoo's Fish Tacos   More..
Sakata Corn Processing Step 5: Control your supply chain
Key Question:   How do I keep growing?
Meet Bob Sakata of Brighton, Colorado   More..

Step 6: Market on the web
Key Question: How do I increase profits?
Meet the Hardy Boat people   More...
OmnexDrinks.jpg Step 7: Help Your Customers Succeed
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Omnex family of Dearborn  More...

Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Opici family of Glen Rock   More...

Best Business Practices Videos

Every video aired on PBS-TV stations in the USA and around the world through the Voice of America-TVShot on-location,  learn about the power of values and vision.

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