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25 People, 25 Videos About Best Business Practices

Ethics, authenticity and transparency are the only keys to real growth.

While the people of the world struggle to co-exist, here are workplaces where the dynamics of creativity override deep tensions between cultures, politics, and  religions. Creating something of value becomes more important than historic prejudices and even hatreds. This spirit is the only hope for the future... even in the face of evil.

Get inspired. Be bold. Watch a few videos. Make the world a better place.

Here are some of the best business practices of others. Every video is from an episode that aired on PBS stations throughout the USA and on the Voice of America (VOA-TV) around the world for over 50 seasons. Back to the basicsJoin us.

Businesses where creativity trumps any and all differences,

diversity in these workplaces cultivate ideas and give perspective.

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