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What Is Leadership And Vision?

We learn how every person makes a huge impact on the nation and our world.

"Freedom's more than just another word." It is necessary if we are each to be uniquely trying to make things better. How we frame our thoughts and ideas is a key to know who we are and what to do today. Also, our Four Freedoms speech describes the bedrock of civility. These concepts answer the question, "Where am I going?"

We all must become defenders of the concept of freedom... not just our patriots and veterans. How you answer basic questions about work and play makes a difference. What you do today makes a difference. Help refocus your nation and our world.

Meet four veterans who defend freedom everyday. They each served the country then started a business. And, each has become enormously successful. They have all been creating jobs for many years More...


Aired on PBS stations throughout the USA

1.  Aired around the world through the Voice of America-TV!
2.  All small business owners selected by their community
3.  The power of business; values motivate. More...
4.  Business, the revolution of our time - billion-dollar ideas!
5.   Use each video. Focus on the meaning and value of life.
6.  Teach democracy, capitalism and freedom. It's our future.

Dance all the way to the end. Follow Hattie! (new window). Hattie's new book (2016)  is I'll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End of Life Decisions.

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...from Hattie Bryant, author and speaker.

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