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The Four Faces of Excellence in Business

Excellence:   (1) Workforce,   (2) Product,   (3) Customer, and   (4)  Financial
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We all need to learn how to use numbers effectively.  In government, we'd vote for those who lead and act on excellent numbers, not polling numbers.  More...
The US Dollar: Ask the hard questions. Let's develop solutions to difficult problems.

Carolyne Fox

Workforce Excellence: 280+ videos

Meet Carolyn Fox, a founder of Mir, Fox, Rodriguez.
She advises us all to embrace the new and "Go paperless." She led her firm to be more efficient well before the global green movement. Gasper Mir, opens this segment.
Key Question:   How do I stay competitive?    More... 
Question: How do I grow my business?   More...

Dale Crownover, Texas Nameplate, Dallas

Product Excellence: 250+ videos

Meet Dale Crownover, Texas Nampelate, Dallas  Quality programs, continuous improvement, kaizen, TOC, TQM, ...all really work.    More...   Excellence...
Key Idea: Establish a quality program.
Key Question: How do I grow?
Please note: He won the Baldrige Quality Award twice!

Reed Pigman, Texas Jet

Customer Excellence: 120+ videos

Meet Reed Pigman, Texas Jet, Fort Worth, TX:  "...voted by readers of Professional Pilot magazine as one of the top 10 independent FBOs in the USA. "   More...
Key Idea: Lead With Service
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?

Joe Fergus, COMTek

Financial Excellence: 100+ videos

Joe Fergus, founder, COMTek:
He says, "Put your skin in the game."
Key Question: Do I have to use my own money?
Question: How do you keep employees productive?
Joe first served in the military; started ComTEK from $0, and now employs over 900 on $70M per year!

This website is all about best business practices. There are 1400+ videos from
14+ years of our weekly, half-hour television show that aired on most PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and 1000s of stations worldwide through the Voice of America-TV.

On-location with small business owners selected by their community, learn how values motivate.  More...
Help refocus your nation and our world.

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