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Real Business Is Sustaining That Which Creates Value what happens if you sell? Should you? ...move on?  What will you do?
What will you do with your time?   ...if you let somebody else take over?

They each sold their business. It was the focus of their professional and much of their personal life. It was their special creation. Selling wasn't easy; and now years later, there are questions, sometimes even regrets. It is not too long after the fact that we tend to forget the agonies and mostly remember the joys.  More...  And more...

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Best business practices: Videos from this television show

Videos from weekly episodes that aired on PBS stations throughout the USA and also on the Voice of America-TV on 1000s of stations throughout the worldMore

Rekindle Your Relentless Drive Toward Perfection.

It's deep within the heart of creation. The older you are, the more it is about wisdom.  It is the deepest dynamics of life.  Your goal is to be wise, not great.

Retirement is obsolete! There is just too much to do!

Let us change our point of view.  Every human is a key to our common future. Learn about best business practices, job creation, and your role in the universe.

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