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Be A Leader - Every Problem Is A Business Opportunity

Expand your view of everything. Start here. Begin to see relations where you've never seen them before. We all need to get a handle on our little universe, then get back to basic-basic essentials. These are ours in the USA.


Best Foundations for People: Ethics, Democracy,  Capitalism

And, the Best Foundations for Business: Ethics-Democracy-Capitalism

1.  Be All You Can Be  1:41 | Play Now  Michael Novak says small business is the most important institution in a civil society because owners must develop themselves and become the best that they can be. Improve... Perfect... Say Yes... Think...
2. Know The American Revolution  2:33 | Play Now    Reflect on those early Americans... more doers than deep thinkers or prolific writers. Home. Our Charter.
3. See Ownership As Your Calling  2:01 | Play Now   Michael Novak says that Christians and Jews believe it is their duty to improve the human condition. Here is Albert Black of On Target Supplies to explain.  Close-up.  We can own our insights.
4. Work Long Hours  2:21 | Play Now   Running a business in not for wimps. Capitalism requires thoughtful, hard work. Do you really want it?   Close-up.
5. Build Your Business As A Three-Legged Stool  1:59 | Play Now  Hattie distills an eight-hour interview to two minutes. Capitalism is based upon private ownership of property and businesses, the rule of law, and the moral habits of people.
6. Invent The Future - Study the Presidents  2:14 | Play Now  Capitalism is organized around the mind. In the American version of capitalism, wealth springs from new ideas, from discovery and invention.More on Innovation.

Unless you have actually started your own business... it is hard to grasp how difficult and lonely it can be. In the USA, it is called "the American dream."  More...

Every video aired on most PBS stations throughout the USA!

The show also aired around the world through the Voice of America! All on-location, selected by their community, learn about the power of business and values. Remember 9/11.

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