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Have an idea for a business? Are you dreaming about it?

Make it happen! Millions have. Study the founders of successful businesses. Review their key ideas and insights. Go to twelve examples, click here. Four more are below.

Invent The Future - Study Presidents 

2:14 | Play Now | Capitalism is organized around the mind. In the American version of capitalism, wealth springs from new ideas, discovery and inventionHomepage  Invention  First Principles

Let Your Childhood Inform You

3:10 | Play Now | Anne has a "feel for the cloth." Many say she started the "little yellow ducky" fad. George Kartsotis says that Anne's ideas have been key to his success.
All the video  Another video about your child within   

Take Time To Understand Yourself

1:54 | Play Now | Teresa Zubizaretta capitalized on the fact that she was a woman in an industry historically dominated by men. She knew being a Hispanic woman was an asset. More... And, more videos with Latin Americans...

Change An Industry

5:08 | Play Now | Kim Blickenstaff has been hugely successful in spite of "experts" who told him and his partners, "It's impossible... it is a stupid idea."
That's the American dream!

Everyone dreams and everyone has a dream.

A fact of life in the USA and throughout the world today: Millions of people are unemployed. Too many are causing toruble. To break through all the divisiveness, we need a better model. Click here for our very different point of view on the matter!
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