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Teach the Basics of Business To Everyone

Life is about creating value. In business, magic can happen.

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Brian The three founders of Biosite, Kim Blickenstaff, Gunars Valkirs and Ken Buechler
Joe T Garcia Family Wahoo Fish Taco
Chef Thomas Keller, founder, The French Laundry, Napa Valley
Monica Morgan was the primary photographer for Rosa Parks Pamela Rodgers, owner of Rodgers Chevrolet Arnold Joseff and George Hill, Diversified Chemicals, Detroit

To Be Successful: Focus On Continuous Improvement

Identify your key questions and teach all your people best business practices.
Help refocus your nation and our world.

1. How do you finance the start up? (10 videos) More (20+) 100+ 
2. How do I grow this business? (7 videos)   More (80+) 400+  
3. How do I increase sales? (8 videos)  More (25+)  250+

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It all started as a weekly half-hour show on PBS-TV stations (1994-2012) and aired around the world through the Voice of America-TVShot on-location - all insights from small business owners selected by their peers,  learn about the power of business and how values and vision inspire and motivate.   More..

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