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Expand Your Vision. Adopt A Rational Universe View.

Small Business Owners are naturally productive, insightful and optimistic.  Yet, a limited Worldview and no Universe View can actually be holding you and your business back. The larger and more integrated your view of life, the more creative and productive you and your team will become. An introduction...

Santa Monica, California:  A simple concept had enormous consequences. In this story it changes the life of a family.  Miracles happened. We all need to follow our intuitions and not be afraid to follow our simplest ideas.
• Strive for perfection
• Put People First
• Small Business is about courage, risk-taking...
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Stamford, Connecticut:   Do good things and miracles do happen. One of the most productive businesses in the world (using the ratio, gross income to total number of employees), Marty listens closely to everyone's ideas.
Study all these reasons...

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Dallas, TexasPreach, teach coach, counsel.  If at first you do not sell your idea, stick with it, but work with it. Albert Black's story is extraordinary.  His business is too.
•   Study all his best business practices here...
•   Create Opportunity
•   Get Yourself a Big Goal
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Deep within all of us is a relentless drive toward perfection, just to make everything better...

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