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Within Every Country, Every Territory, And Every Market:

Business leaders. Government leaders. Educational leaders. Tell your people,  "Dreams can become a real reality when you start, run and grow a business."

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Paper Plate Designs

Keep Dreaming

3:21 | Play Now   Enrique, Jose and Angel Souto, the owners of Cafe Pilon, keep dreaming about a better future.  They each want to keep growing and someday sell coffee in a free Cuba.   More...

Follow your dreams

4:34 | Play Now   From an episode of Small Business Today, we discover a high-end woman's dress shop which is named after the founder, Yvonne La Fleur.  Yvonne gives us six key ideas.   More videos from days gone by...

Fund The Dreams Of Others

2:42 | Play Now   People ask, "Why should I fund the dreams of others?"  People like Remigius Shatas ask,  "Why not?"  Meet Remigius as he shares his wisdom.   More...

Sell A Dream

2:37 | Play Now  Jeff Patterson is in the dream-building business; he turns house plans sketched on a paper napkin (or a paper plate) into reality.   More...

Live, Breathe, Eat, Sleep Your Work

3:04 | Play Now  Sometimes Ken Done wakes up in the night with ideas he can't wait to try so he has been known to take over his dining room table for painting in the early morning hours.  More...

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