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You Are The Secret Sauce For A Better World

You Know How To Create a Job:   (1) for Yourself  and (2) for Others.
USA: At one time small business created 78% of all net new jobs. How? Why?  They stimulate entrepreneurial problem-solving  and micro-enterprise development.   More

Monica Morgan Photography, Detroit
  Step 1: Dreaming
Joe Dannis, DawnSign Press, San Diego
    Step 2: Starting
Glenn Walser, founder, Automated Foods
Step 3: Selling
Arnold Joseff & George Hill, founders, Diversified Chemicals, Detroit
Step 4: Growing

 Sohrab Voussoughi, Ziba Design, Portland, Oregon
Step 5: Employing

The leadership of Wahoo's Fish Tacos
Step 6: Scaling

Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim, founders, Nicole Miller Fashions, NYC
Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

Business is tough. Every step. Nothing is easy

Dream a little, then come up with a good idea.  That's not easy!  Now you'll have tell  somebody else, "I am going to start a business."  Not easy.  When you make your first sale, a new reality strikes, "How do I make money?"  When you are on your own - it all becomes painfully realIt gets even tougher when you hire your first employee. Now break $1M and head to $10M in annual sales. Even the final exit  is not easy! That's life.

The purpose of this television series and website: We all must search for the most-ethical, most well-run, generous small business owners within the USA and throughout the world in order to do the following: (1) Encourage good businesses to do business with good businesses. Help each other to grow. (2) Do the best stories for television. (3) Raise the transparency bar. Facilitate others to invest in the very best small businesses. Help diversify everyone's portfolio. (4) Learn through questions & answers. Empower "life transcripts" onlineDo deep support for solid growth.
(5) Empower local-global productions for PBS-TV, Voice of America-TV...  Open up simulcasts online. Use extensive collaboration tools and so much more..

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