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Create Meaningful Work For Others. We All Can. Yes We Can.

We can!  Cursor over each image for the question, key idea, and information about each video. Video can help empower your leadershipThe Dream  (Version.1 of this page)

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The Dream of Freedom:  Create a Business of Deep Value

Explore how human creativity overpowers any and all differences. Diversity in these workplaces cultivates ideas and gives perspective. The dynamics of creativity prevail over historic tensions between peopleWhen we focus on creating something of value, monetizing and extending it in time, historic prejudice, bigotry and even hatred are held in check. Herein is the spirit of hope, the future. Leadership videos.   More...

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Success or failure. All problems and solutions are universal

GO GLOBAL. Open 24-hours-a-day. Begin every day in your own time zone then every hour calling around the world, hour by hour, in a constant search of your tribe.
Help refocus your nation and our world.

All of the videos come from on-location interviews with small business owners selected by their community. Learn about the power of business where values motivate.  More...

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