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Work Your Good Ideas

Share one of your speculative ideas with others; see what happens.
These folks did and each of their businesses grew and grew.   More...

1. Light
Ebby Halliday, Dallas, Texas
2. Real Estate
Joe T Garcia, Lanny
3. Restaurants
Marty Edelston, founder of Boardroom
4. Newsletters
Pam McNair, founder Gadabout Salon & Spa, Tucson, Arizona
5. DaySpas
6. Health

7. Industrial Design

8. TV &  the Web

Videos from a television show about best business practices:

1. You are not a business until you create something of value that others receive.
2. Selling & servicing customers drives the value equation, capitalism's heart & soul.
3.  Go further with over 195 videos about retail and over 80 about restaurants.
4.  Use the Search By... within the right column, you can watch videos of business owners answering key questions within most industries, states, key subjects, and issues.

Every video has aired on PBS stations around the USA.

This show has also aired around the world through the Voice of America!
Selected by their community, learn how their business values motivate. More...

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1. The Site Is Free. Be better. Cultivate your best self.
2. See business as a calling: Go Global. Breakthrough. 

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