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All People Everywhere

We are all colors and flavors, but one thing binds us all.

Our Core ValuesOur DNA is 99.999% alike. Our differences are superficial. And, we are all basically good and decent people. Yet, evil exists. The challenge of life is to be so transparent with an abundance of love in our heart, that we overpower the evil within and throughout our lives. Our value equation applied... The foundations of value...

•  As seen on PBS-TV stations (USA) and Voice of America-TV (globally)

This television show has a rather simple starting point that begins with a the vision that has foundations based deep within the essence of integrity. Learn more...

•  Teach the foundations of democracy and capitalism.

Teach to imbue them within yourself.   Use this episode with Michael Novak as a starting point. Have everyone watch and study each of the key ideas. Learn more...

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