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A Job May Be Work, But One's Work Is Much More

Our Work Defines Who We Are, How We Use Our Time, and Often How We Think.

When we win, we grow confident.   When we lose, we try to figure out what we must learn to do better. These people below have won often. They've also learned many lessons.  Be a leader. Let's be sure that democracy wins.   

What would move you to do the extraordinary? Can you remember a time in your life when you worked incredibly hard just because you set a goal and you were going for it! Everybody marveled. You even marveled. It was an exhilarating time. That's the energy we all need to face today's challenges.      More...

Go from $0 to over $1-billion in sales in less than a lifetime. Sounds impossible...  it's not. This television show has a rather simple starting point that creates the vision which provides a foundation for integrity.   More...

Understand the foundations of democracy and capitalism.  We all have to teach the essentials of democracy and capitalism.  Our best, tightest offering here is an episode with Michael Novak.  You can watch this episode, key idea by key idea, right here.  If you would like to watch the episode end-to-end, send us a note.

This television series explores the best side of business.  Please be our guest  It's all free.  (1) Register. Then register everyone in your business. (2) Starting? Do a reality check.  (3) Growing? Grow faster-better.   Learn more...

Best business practices: Aired on PBS stations throughout the USA and the Voice of America-TV around the world.

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