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Family Business Is The Best Path To Economic Independence

Small business is about courage, risk-taking, independence....

Family business USA:  80-to-90% of all businesses start as a family business. Only 30% will survive to the 2nd generation, 12% to the 3rd and just 3% to the 4th. It's important that family-owned companies succeed -- they create 78% of all net new jobs.
Focus:   (1) The only hope of the poor   (2) Key ideas for family success

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Do What You Know

3:00 | Play Now | The Souto Brothers learned about the coffee business from their father. That  knowledge and experience helped them achieve success.   More...

Buy A Business And Right A Wrong

5:06 | Play Now | The Calise brothers took a failed family business and discovered that fixing an old company can be harder than starting a new one.   More...

Pass Ownership Formally

1:51 | Play Now | Mo wanted to officially make Cindy an owner so she changed her sole proprietorship to a corporation. Cindy then  bought stock through payroll deductions.   More...

Be The Person Others Will Follow

4:39 | Play Now | Darlene grew up in the school of hard knocks.  She paid attention and learned how to win and keep customers with a great attitude and fabulous service.   More...

Plan to Let Go

4:14 | Play Now | Founder Marty Edelston  turned the leadership of the company over to a young team.   More...

Develop New Products to Develop New Leaders

3:24 | Play Now | David LanCarte developed a salsa line for the grocery shelves.  Talk about timing! Today the US consumes more salsa than ketchup!   More...

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