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Small Business: A Key Foundation For a Civil Society

Watch this episode and then have everybody watch it with you.  

Michael Novak says,"Small business is the best hope of democracy. Building your own businesses teaches a set of's the only hope of the poor." By competing with big business, we keep them honest, even generous. When it becomes difficult to find new employees, big business will profoundly change. Even more from their ranks will join us to become teachers of an highly-ethical and generous capitalism. 

Eight Steps:  Start, Run, Grow, And Harvest Your Business.

Step 1: Dreaming

Joe Dannis, DawnSign Press, San Diego
Step 2: Starting

Step 3: Selling

Statue of Liberty
Step 4: Growing

Shiv Krishnan, founder, Indus, Fairfax, VA
Step 5: Employing

Cathie Jao of Bridgecreek
Step 6: Scaling

Arnold Joseph, co-founder, Diversified Chemicals, Detroit
Step 7: Sustaining

Peter Schenck, Lorraine MIller, and Jim Schell sold their buisness
Step 8: Exiting

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•   Find Your Step -- Start: 1-2-3-4  or Grow: 5-6-7-8
•   Learn about the television series.  Learn about the Baldrige Award   More...
•   One of Hundreds of Key Questions, i.e. How do I start my own business?
•   Another Key Question -   How do I grow my business?

Every video aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and around the world on the Voice of America-TV. Always shot on-location and selected by their peers, learn about business and how values and vision inspire and motivate.

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