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Last Update: Tuesday May 23, 2017

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May 2017. Call-mail-tweet-email someone in your nation's capitol:

"Get back to work and balance the budget and reduce the debt. Stop the nonsense. Find the waste, fraud and abuse, county by county. Let's get this all back under control."

Yes, look up a liberal, conservative, independent, green or whatever. Make a quick call or send them a simple note. Let us flood every capitol with a simple message: "Get back to work. Stop the nonsense."  Send as many as you can without slowing down your own work within your business.

There was a Wired story by Klint Finley (2014) that needs a bit of updating. He recommends a program called Countable but I think it is too general, too defusing, and awkward-and-clumsy; it slows you down. 

You will work better if you develop your own tools and methodologies:

1. Start making your politicians list.  Get the physical address and local telephone numbers get ready to cal-mail-call.  You'll need to start printing and posting your letters.  Get as many email addresses as you can. Include staff. Get even more telephone numbers. Get the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Get every communications tool that you can.

2. Be polite, persistent, and tenacious.  The first responsibility of every elected official is to balance the budget, and cut waste, fraud, and abuse.  If they do not agree, tell them that you will be supporting the campaign to throw them out. 

3. Get to know the tools to empower your actions. It is a steep learning curve, but working together we can get this done.  I'll start a list, somewhat arbitrary, and your votes (comments and suggestions) will help to shape it.

  • It's a starting point for those of us in the USA. Straight forward. Every country needs such a site.  
  • Madison (Source: Wired) "Lets you add your thoughts to both proposed bills and existing policies..."
  • Democracy OS (Source: Wired) We are testing this one as I write!
  • Your recommendations are invited.

To be effective:  Only contact your representatives and politicians. The mantra: "Local, local, local." The telephone is the most effective tool. Mailing a letter next. Remember, "Mail-Call-Mail."  It works. Social media is least effective.

Why do this?  Bruce Camber, who with Hattie founded Small Business School, is also working on a simple model of the universe from which one might conclude:
"Everything is profoundly and intimately related to everything."  More to come...

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