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Everybody Watches and Discusses Today's Video Within A Small Group. This Will Increase Productivity for Everyone.

See miracles happen as people begin to pull in the same direction.

•  Every video has a case study guide to facilitate quick discussions.

Have everybody associated with your business become part of a small group. Each group meets for no less than 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes and no less than once a week.  A group leader is self-selected to focus attention on the video of that day and to ask the evocative questions as given. In a free-for-all discussion, each person responds to the key idea of the video. Everybody opinion counts. No opinion is criticized. The final question of that session is, "Will you try to apply this insight within your work sometime today and before we meet again?" Ask for Yes or No answers.  Then establish a day, date, time and place for your next gathering. 

•  Every person involved in your business watches a video every day.

Watch a best practices video and have a brief discussion about it. The process will change the dynamics of your business. Inch by inch, everybody will begin pulling in the same direction. No employees yet? Get suppliers and your support people to participate.

•  Groups of 3-to-8 people for about 10 minutes (no more than 15).

Small groups can vary in size. Each session can have a different facilitator.

•  Each Small Group meets for at least seven times and no more than ten. Next group try it with other people within your business.  

This is continuing education for everyone associated with your business. Plus, the small group dynamics naturally get everyone pulling in the same direction.Try it! 

•  Those ten-to-fifteen minutes set the tone for the rest of the day.

•  Every video is about a key business idea.

Ron Willingham is a master of small group dynamics.

There are many references. Can we now say, "Let's get focused to get us all on track for a brilliant future."

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